Thursday, May 21, 2009

Will This Round Be a Let Down?

Remember how utterly fantastic the hockey was last round? 3 of those series went to 7 games, the other went to 6. There were 7 OT games. 13 were decided by just 1 goal. The stars shone bright while others shown brighter. Yet here we are, 3 games into the conference final round, on the verge of both series going 2-0. Is this what we really want?

Now I'm not saying the hockey hasn't been good, the only game that wasn't close was WCF game #1 (and you could argue the ECF game #1 wasn't all that close either until the last 10 minutes), nor am I saying that I think these will all end up being sweeps or 5 game series. But compared to the last round I'm not sure how this round will stand up.

So what do you think people...are the Canes going to take tonight (without Cole and Ruutu) and make this just another time filling post? Can the Hawks take 2 at the United Center? Or is this inkling in my loins right; an anticlimactic Conference Final round?

Hit the comments people. Dooooooo it.
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