Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stupid Poll Question

So in the midst of trying to decide who will win our Conn Smythe nomination for last night, I came across this stupid poll question on

Why are we asking this question now? I mean yes we all know it will probably go down as one, if not the greatest 7 game series ever...but if someone gets blown out tonight 4-0, would that not lessen it's greatness a bit...and maybe even cause the series to end with a whimper? I have a feeling even after this series is over and either Crosby or Ovie are golfing...the NHL still might lead with shit "Oh hey, remember that epic series between the Pens and Caps...blah blah blah....Oh and the Blackhawks play tonight for a trip to the Cup. Engblom out."

Oh and for all you casual/impartial fans hoping for a multi-overtime game. You bite your tongues, you bite them hard.
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