Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Still More Going On, Crosby Probably Still Touching "It"

This week has really been a whirlwind of news, and naturally, we haven't been on top of any of it. Today changes that. Adding to what Denson just put together, I thought I'd add some more on top it.

First off, let's all point at Cam Ward and laugh.

As Dmitry Chesnokov (Puck Daddy's Russian Correspondent) "tweeted" last night, look's like Ward borrowed Varlamov's glove for the evening. You know what else, let's all point and laugh at him for 17 goals against in just 4 games. Ladies and Gentlemen, former Conn Smythe winner, and a guy who had previously had never lost a series in the playoffs, Cam Ward.

Next bit of news comes out of the mess that will be the Montreal Canadiens organization. Bob Gainey has decided that All Star game MVP, regular season joke, Alex Kovalev would be better suited for his team's needs than the inspirational come back kid, Saku Koivu. TSN is reporting that not only does Koivu not figure into the team's plans, but they would like to replace his Captaincy with none other than Mr. Kovalev, whom they have offered a contract between $6 and $7.5 million. The Habs have also low balled Mike Komisarek, offering a multi-year deal at around $4 million, where as the market would dictate he would get about $6 million. Not to mention that Gainey still has to figure out what to do with Tanguay, Lang, Kostopoulos, Schneider, Bouillon, Brisebois and Dandenault, have fun Bobbo!

Next off, it seems Detroit doesn't want the NHL to move up the start of the Stanley Cup to this weekend, as both Pavel Datsyuk and Nik Lidstrom will not be in the lineup tonight (according to Craig Custance). Can Chicago take advantage?

I'm hearing from Nik Kronwall that the weather in Detroit for parades is just a lot better later in the Summer.

Johan Franzen is just tired of babysitting these kids in Chicago, he must want to play a bunch more kids in Pittsburgh.

Commence Joel Quenneville bitching and moaning....NOW.

That's about all I've got, we'll catch up with the Conn Smythe noms and such as much as we can. Look for a Dialogue to pop in here sometime today too.
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