Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some Quick Game 2 Injury Updates

Seems like today is another one of those busy days for Vance and I, seeing how he couldn't even muster up a picture for his post today. Anyways, thought I'd throw out some things I'm hearing surrounding all the injuries between the Penguins and Canes.

Eric Cole - Cole skated today and it was reported via some reporters at Mellon this morning that he looked pretty decent out on the ice during skating drills. Interesting though was when he was skating in straight lines, up and down the ice, he looked OK. Cole was later doing some drills that required cross-overs and putting weight on that injured left knee, and it was reported that he was definitely favoring it and kind of just dragging it along for the ride. Take that for what it is. These are hockey players and it's the playoffs. I'd expect Cole to play.

UPDATE: It is being reported via ESPN Radio 1250 ( local Pittsburgh broadcast) that Cole is expected to play...and Ruutu will not. We will see.

Tuomo Ruutu - Haven't heard anything on Ruutu besides the fact he did not skate this morning. I'm not sure I even know what the hell happened to him. Of course he's a "game-time decision"

Rob Scuderi - Apparently, for whatever reason, Scuds was blocking shots in practice and took a shot off his foot that is now swollen. What the hell are you doing blocking shots in practice? Anyways, he's expected to play but he might be a half-step slower. Could be an advantage for the Canes as Scuderi has been maybe the Pens best D-man all playoffs.

Sergei Gonchar - It's not a question as to whether or not Gonchar will play tonight, the question is just how much. It seems as though Gonchar is ready to take on even more playing time, working his way back to his average of 27 - 28 min of ice time. Bylsma still wouldn't say if he's dressing 7 D-man or going back to 6. If anyone on either team is enjoying the 2 days off in between games, it's Gonchar.

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