Monday, May 11, 2009

So, um, yeah, Ouch?

So everyone's seen Scott Walker clobber Aaron Ward right? HOW BOUT IN HD?!? Oh yeah, everyone's got HD now...anyways. Ouch.

Scott Walker's an old man, and isn't exactly known to strike fear in the eye's of opponents...well, the man tied for 323rd in penalty minutes this season with a whole 39, managed to put up 17 last night with the swing of that hook.

Word is Aaron Ward *might* have a cracked orbital bone in his face, a la Blair Betts. Anyone else surprised that Tim Thomas didn't jump him? That is something he would do.

Update: Scott Walker has been fined, like Chris Kunitz, a measly $2500 for that. Worth it? Not worth it? Joke City, Massachusetts?


Paul said...

Hey Ward, put your dukes up. Idiot.

digitahighlander said...
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digitahighlander said...

"Based on what was said on the ice as I was dropping my gloves, it was my understanding that I was engaged in an altercation," Walker said in a statement issued by the team."

This excuse and the league's response to this incident is just the latest example of the bush-league state of officiating and discipline in the NHL. Campbell says he isn't going to tolerate "sending messages" at the end of a game and then he condones this type of behavior with inaction. Walker took on Ward, drops him with a haymaker in the waning minutes of a 4-0 blowout, and gets off with a $2500 fine.

What was the fine for? Either he sucker punched Ward or he didn't. Did they waive his suspension and give him a fine instead because he had an interesting excuse for a flagrant lack of professional respect?

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