Thursday, May 21, 2009

Should the NHL Carry Over Penalties in the Playoffs?

So for anyone that didn't turn the channel tonight to "So you Think you Can Dance" or something else uber homosexual, then you saw the last 2 minutes of the Pens/Canes game get completely out of hand.

UPDATE: Here's the video of the mess

You had the Canes basically just trying to start shit with anyone on Pittsburgh that would respond. You had Bayda and Letang drop the gloves cross check Letang in the face...then Bayda got held back by the refs only to have Gleanson come in and get pummeled by a naked Letang...and then Satan...yes Satan...and Eaves dropped them as well. Gleason got a 5 min major for fighting...a ghost I guess Letang. Bayda received a match penalty, Letang got 5 and 10, Satan 5 , and Eaves 5. After that mess was sorted out, Pitkanen went after Guerin and they traded cross checks, and then right after that Adams threw an elbow to Seidenberg's face who cross checked back and they both got penalties. Sheesh. What a cluster (dirty word for sex).

So what's my point? Well, there's all this talk that the NHL is trying to do away with this kind of shit at the end of games, especially when they are already decided. There's no reason for players to be going out there just to take cheap shots.

Remember back when Carcillo got suspended for taking a cheap shot at Maxime Talbot toward the end of Game 1 of the Pens/Flyers series?

There. Now you do. That's the kind of crap the NHL is trying to do away with...especially in the playoffs. Now in no way am I saying anything that happened between the Canes/Pens tonight warrants a suspension, but I just wanted to throw this out there:

If the NHL wants to do away with this kind of shit at the end of games...wouldn't making penalties carry over to the next playoff game help to eliminate some of that?

Think about tonight for example: If the penalties carried over, you'd have Pittsburgh starting Game Carolina...with about a 4 minutes left of a 5 minute major penalty. You'd have Kris Letang, a major PP contributor, basically sitting in the box for 10 minutes, Bayda probably out for the game, and then a couple other players in the box. Makes for an interesting game plan on off days no? And you would definitely have to think that coaches and players would think twice about "sending a message" at the end of the game.

Because really...what is the point of handing out penalties once the game has ended? Well if they carried over, then we'd have a point...and a consequence for the penalized team's actions.

I realize this wouldn't work in the regular season, but hey, I never said this was a perfect plan...I just thought it was a good subject to debate. Personally, I think starting crap like that is a good way for a team that is down to say "hey, look bitches, we aren't going to go away quietly". But when you're the NHL and would rather show concern for player safety, maybe this is an option.

So lets take a vote:

I'll update this with video footage of the "brawl" tomorrow since it isn't available right now.


Paul said...

While it would be nice to see a team that's losing actually suck it up and take it like men as opposed to whimpering fucking babies it would be even better to see the NHL suits actually do something about the type of ridiculous shit that happened toward the end of Game 2 last night.

They won't because, in all of their wisdom, they think rivalries are created in such ways, but it would be nice.

Sadly it's going to take a player getting killed before the douche bags in the NHL front office take their heads out of their asses and fix the problem.

Vance said...

The Pens will probably start with 4 minutes of powerplays to start the game either way, so what's the difference. ;)

Vance said...

Also, Bayda didn't want to fight Letang, only cross check him in the face. Bayda gets pulled away from the scrum pretty early and tries to rush back in but a linesman was holding him back.

It was Gleason who came in and eventually dropped the gloves, and consequently ended up on his back with Letang on top of him missing clothes.

Denson said...

It was a very sexual fight to say the least

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