Monday, May 4, 2009

A Penguins Fan Experience at the Verizon Center

I was way to drunk way too often this weekend to even shower at times...let alone write a post. As Vance mentioned, I did attend Game 1 between the Caps and Pens on Saturday afternoon. And what a day it was.

You know those obnoxious, smart ass Penguin fans that everyone hates? Well I was with two of them...and possible created a 3rd, but these 2 at least know their hockey and aren't bandwagoners. I knew what I was getting into before I even bought the ticket. And by the way...I bought my ticket Friday night around 11pm. Why were there still tickets available on Ticketmaster Capital fans? Why?

Anyways, as you can expect we dished out the shit-talking and did a great deal of taking the shit-talking as well but I want to share with you the Failure of one, certain fat, little Capitals fan. Because it is funny. And is the epitome of FAIL.

After arriving at the Metro stop leading to the Verizon center, my buddy started taunting a guy that had a brand new Varlamov jersey on.

My Friend: "Nice brand new Varlamov jersey fanboy, you buy that today?" We await the fatmans comeback....
Fatman: "Oh yeah? Well nice Cindy Crybys jersey!" My friend had on a Kris Letang jersey. FAIL 1.
My Friend: "Dude this is a Kris Letang jersey dumbass, do you even know anyone on your team besides Ovechkin?"
Fatman: "Dude it doesn't even matter, you guys are the #6 seed in the playoffs!. You guys suck!" FAIL 2.
My Friend: "We're the 4 seed assclown."
Fatman: "We have 6 of the top scorers in the league and the number one in points!" FAIL 3.
My Friend: "You are a moron. We have 2 of the top 3 scorers and the NUMBER 1 leader in points!"
Fatman: "I meant in goals"
Other Friend: "Hey man, let me grab that brandnew price tag off your jersey for you"

He then proceeded to touch the man's back as if to rip of the tag. MISTAKE. Little fat man took exception to that and lunged at my buddies...his wife pulled him back and calmed him down.
My Friend: "Man you're a 40 year old trying to fight three 23 year olds. Get a life."
His wife looked like she was going to cry. She said, you do NOT want to go there, grabbed her man and went up the escalator. Hilarious. Now in now way am I saying this represents the majority of Capital fans because I know it doesn't. It was just a funny FAIL story. Also, kudos to the 3 separate times we were misled by Capitals fans as to which metro stop was best to get to the Verizon Center. Kudos.

Overall game experience was great. It was everything Gary Bettman could have hoped for and more. Most fans were respectable except for a few disgruntled drunkies, but you'll have that. Rock the Red is a douchey slogan, but it does look cool. Also, are we really serious with those introduction of the Capitals on the Jumbotron? They are like...modeling videos for Affliction. Mike Green...come on man. Seriously? I'm going to search for it on YouTube. If I find it, I'm going to be giddy. I'll be watching tonight's game from the safety of my hotel room.
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