Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lots Going On That Doesn't Involve Crosby "Touching It!"

Oh boy. Were we ever provided with some great, hilarious quotes late last night when Crosby decided to touch the Prince of Wales trophy and carry it around. To the video!

GASP! He touched it! My personal opinion? I HATED it at first. I was in a hotel lobby bar screaming " J---- Fn Chr--- he Fn touched it, we're cursed" And being as superstitious as I am, just ask Vance, it took quite the amount of texts from friends to convince me it wasn't a bad thing. I'm ok with it now, even if it was a "tradition" that was broken...I guess in a way it's symbolic to a passing of the torch from the older guys era to the young Ovechkin/Crosby/Toews/Kane era. Who knows, if Pittsburgh wins the Cup, it could catch on and become the new era's tradition. Cue the comparison of Malkin/Crosby to Lemieux/Jagr posing with the trophy.

Ok so besides that, there's a whole bunch of other crap going on around the league:

Biggest story outside of the playoffs this week was probably the Edmonton Oiler's hiring of Pat Quinn as their new head coach...and Tom Renney as the associate...whatever that is. Damn, that's one hell of an All-Star coaching staff. Enough to get the Oilers in the playoffs next year? Doubtful. Enough to get the Oilers back on the right track. Definitely. Think Jagr is salivating at the chance of signing with the Oilers now? Here's their press conference. Quinn looks really interested right?

In other news, Alex Ovechkin's 50 goal seasons will now have an asterisk next to it cause he's on steroids. I kid, I kid. The source has "questionable credibility", so we'll see how true any of this is. What a nightmare this could turn out to be though...and I'm not talking just for the Capitals. I mean for the NHL overall. If one sport has kept its name clean from the "Steroid Era" mess it's the NHL. Think about what it has done to Major League Baseball. Tough week for the Caps, cause looks like they're losing Kozlov and Federov to the KHL as well...hmmm how convenient...Vance smells something fishy...

Also, the Denver Post is reporting that Patrick Roy confirmed he was offered the Head Coaching job of the Avalanche but also has turned it down. What a relief for the Avalanche, but dammit for the rest of us...there definitely would have been some great "What the shit ref!" flip outs from behind the bench. Like good ol' Roger Neilson waving the white flag...

If anyone saw Sportscenter this morning with Matthew Barnaby talking about his "Zamboni being bigger than your Zamboni" please please post the link in a comment. I want that video. It's funny and awkward as shit.
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