Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kovalchuk Rags on Theodore

Welcome to the world of making fun of Jose Theodore. Everyone does it, how can you not? The dude hooked up with Paris Hilton for God's sakes, at that point, you lose credibility as an athlete. I'm looking at you too, Matt Leinart.

Well after last night's game Ovechkin wished Kovalchuk the best and hoped Russia would take the Gold at the IIHF World Championships. So some reporter caught up with Kovalchuk and asked him to repay the kindness. So what's he to say?

That Theodore sucks balls! Haha, now suddenly the Caps get a goalie and they're the favorites to come out of the East. You're so silly, Ilya. But seriously, Theodore's a goalie that went 3-1 against you this year (let alone the fact that you accounted for 25% of Simeon Varlamov's regular season wins and yeah, 50% of Michal Neuvirth's) you're going to talk like that? Hilarious.

H/T to FanHouse's Eric Mcerlain. And Puck Daddy's Russian Counterpart Dmitry Chesnokov.

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