Friday, May 15, 2009

I Want To Drink With This Kid

And why would you not? He's a showstopper. Take that little guy grocery shopping and you're going to get the numbers from at least 7 divorcees and maybe a few MILFS. True story.

This isn't from last night's game, haven't found any video of that particular "performance," but obviously, Jacked-Up-Shirtless-Bruins Kid is quite the regular.

And you know what, this kid gets it, you ham it up, son, for your 15 minutes is just beginning. Then one day, in 20 years, you'll be able to load up Youtube, and say to your very own son, "On this night, I got more airtime on a niche television station than Eric Staal." Your son will say "What's hockey?".


Libey said...

This kid is downright hilarious.

And the fact that's he been on the screen more than once is even better.

Much better than the Flyers' fat dancing guy... I hate you Sean Murphy.

PDX Pens Fan said...

"I'm all jacked up on Mtn. Dew!" "Ima comat choo like a spider monkey!"

PDX Pens said...

Future Gloating Bruins Fan...

BigBadBob113 said...

That kid was ridiculous!!!

Boutros said...

Gonna miss this kid for sure. Hope the Wings have an equivalent in the works.

Paul said...

Detroit has nothing like this little guy. The best we can do is some goofy jackass with a tinfoil Stanley Cup on his head. For shame.

Puck Central said...

Definitely a funny video. Pretty good job on drawing the logo by whoever did it

Spec7ral said...

I'd like to see the Hurricanes fan try to grab onto that kid's head and give him the business.

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