Friday, May 29, 2009

I Enjoy Doing This

See, yesterday I wasn't even allowed a computer at my training session. So I played Sonic on my phone the entire time. Takin' it to the man, anyway I can. So yeah, sorry about the no posts. But hey, more time to watch Huet try to win a game.

But hey, remember when I was like, man, these series are lookin' like poop compared to the epic matchups of the 2nd round? Remember that? Remember when you all poo-poo'ed me? "Carolina has it in em to come back, they allllllllllways come back!" "Chicago is too young to know they're in a hole, they'll come back!" Well guess what, I EFFING TOLD YOU SO!

Now look what we got, a rematch, where now all we're going to hear about is God Damned Marian Hossa. And I have to put up with these Yinzers all the damn time and their God Damned Penguins. GOD DAMMIT!

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