Monday, May 11, 2009

The Dialogue: Ovechkin Doing Something

So, I'm not sure if his helmet is blowing him or what. But that has got to be an O face. How awkward. As always, enter your own caption, but like always, you won't, cause you are an ass face.


Vance said...

Semin: What you doin?
Ovechkin: I like wet nips so when chafe it hurts reminds me no like Crosby.
Semin: Me no wear panties.
STECKEL: What. the. hell.

Denson said...

Ovechkin: Hey coach, look me, I all sweaty and gross. I dump Coca-Cola on neck like you.

Boudreau: What you talking about Ovie?

Ovechkin: You make sweat when you eat at McDonalds...


jamestobrien said...

Ovechkin: Trainer say water bottle is phone. I fooled. People can be cruel sometime.

Spec7ral said...

I trying to wash off hair clippings from Pens fan's chest.

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