Monday, May 4, 2009

The Dialogue: Claude Julien Has Something to Say

You thought I'd forget. Hell, I almost did forget. But guess what, I didn't. So now you're stuck with another episode of the Dialogue. Today's features none other than Boston's very own Claude Julien, pointing at something, my guess? A turkey leg.

Have at it in the comments, fat jokes galore.


Vance said...

Claude Julien : You see that shit! He's eatin' it! Tim Thomas is eatin' it.
Shawn Thornton : Well of course he's eatin it coach. It's Timmy.
Claude Julien : One time, at Devils camp, I saw Brodeur eat the whole thing too.

Matt Hunwick : He's so bulgy he's like a moose.
Shawn Thornton : Which one?
Matt Hunwick : [quiet] All of them.

Spec7ral said...

Julien: Hey Kessel, are you done with that? I'm starved!

Kessel: Sure coach it's all yours. *Throws Claude his severed testicle*

Tom said...

Julien: When they publish this picture, it's totally gonna look like I'm cutting this lady's head off with my finger.
Thornton: Focus, Claude. Even if I'm secretly the player-coach who's led us from the basement to the top seed in 2 seasons, in the style of a major Disney production, you still have to pretend.
Julien: But I don't wanna. I want ice cream.
Thornton: *sigh*

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