Monday, May 18, 2009

Conn Smythe Nomination: WCF Game #1

Well now that it's down to the final 4, it'll be a lot easier to start weeding out the one game wonders from the studs, let alone from the fact that we can now all cross Varlamov and Hiller from the nomination list. Eventually I'll check back and see who's leading right now. Who the hell knows.

But you know what I do know? The Hawks are in trouble. Even though it was a game until the 3rd, was it ever really "a game"? But as it is, we have to give the Conn Smythe nod from last night to Dan Cleary, who potted 2 goals on 3 shots, with a nice little +3 rating. He's no Johan Franzen out there, but it seems even the most marginal role players elevate their games when it matters most.

Unlike Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, now I really like these two guys, and it wasn't their fault yesterday, as a matter of fact, this is pointed directly at Mr. Joel Quenneville. What in the hell are you thinking? You have two fantastic young players and you're worried about matchups? How bout you worry about getting them more than 14:45 and 15:10 in ice time before you start pissing away your games because you're afraid maybe Lidstrom and Datsyuk are on the ice. I don't care how much Dave Bolland has improved, he shouldn't be getting 5 more minutes of ice time than those two. /END RANT.

Honorable mentions on the day to Johan Franzen and Adam Burish (we'll show why later today, ugly/scary stuff).


Paul said...

It doesn't matter if Kane and Toews get more ice time. It just doesn't. When they WERE on the ice Toews had three shots on net and Kane had a big, fat donut. Detroit's defense is far to stifling.

We're not in Vancouver anymore, Toto.

Vance said...

It's not to say I'm belittling the defensive prowess of the Wings, that would make me akin to Milbury. But I am trying to point out that if the Hawks want a semblance of a chance, Kane and Toews need to get more ice time, as much as we all enjoy Byflugien, Bolland, and co. Kane, Toews, Sharp, and Havlat are who butter their bread, and Quenneville isn't giving them the ice time they need.

Denson said...

I was going to suggest splitting up Kane and Toews...but E.J Hradek already beat me to that.

Paul said...

I hear you Vance. There's no excuse to have your two biggest stars sitting on the bench. If Chicago doesn't want to get embarrassed Quenneville needs to get it together.

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