Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Conn Smythe Nomination: From the Weekend; ECF Style

Vance said it last time, he cannot bring himself to write about the Penguins. So I guess I'll begrudgingly do it. Neither of us saw Game 3 of the Pens/Canes over the weekend...so we had to go off the highlights...but not like it even mattered. Malkin takes the cake again. 2 Goals, 1 assist...domination again from the guy that was having a "bad post-season".

Honorable Mentions: Sid Crosby scored his team's first goal..again...for the 100th time during the playoffs...also...Cam Ward because the dude has been under constant fire and he's been able to keep his team in ALL 3 of these games...Let's not forget every game has been a 1 goal game going into the 3rd. I don't blame Cam for their suckiness.
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