Friday, May 8, 2009

Conn Smythe Nomination: 5/7

I wasn't sure to pick today. It was pretty close all the way around. Luongo pitched 57 minutes of shutout hockey...but then gave up 2 in the next 5. Khabibulin gave up one goal...but only faced 15 shots (and let Darcy Hordichuk score?!?). Perry popped in 3 irrelevant points. So in reality it came down to 2 guys, Hossa and Franzen.

I'm going with Johan Franzen. Last night The Mule popped in 2 early goals (a game tying and go ahead) as well as assisted on one of Hossa's 2 goals. Overall, has Franzen not been, once again, the sick nasty go-to offensive force on the Wings during the playoffs? Leading the Wings in goals and assists, Franzen has been the most consistent force for the Wings while Datsyuk is mired in all his defensive glory.

I already listed the honorable mentions above. DIShonorable mention to Jonas Hiller, who we've blown egregiously thus far, for getting the yank midway through the 3rd.
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