Thursday, May 14, 2009

Conn Smythe Nomination 5/14/09 one saw that coming last night. At least certainly not a 6-2 blowout. No reason to dwell on that game much though since all the major media and sports sites have already basically said everything that could have been said about a great series. Now for another Conn Smythe Nomination.

Have to give this nomination to Sid Crosby for his performance last night. He was able to give his team that all important 1st goal on the road, in a very very hostile environment. The assist he had on Guerin's goal early in the 2nd period may have been the most crucial one as it completely sucked the life out of the Verizon Center and the Capitals. Then, trying to carry his team on his back, Ovie turned the puck over and Crosby walked in alone and beat Theodore 5 hole to erase any thoughts of a possible comeback. 2 goals and 1 assist for the Penguin Captain and a 2nd straight appearance in the Easter Conference Finals. Not too shabby.

Nothing more needs to be said about the battle between Ovechkin and Crosby besides epic and amazing. If Pens fans didn't gain an appreciation or a level of respect for Ovechkin during this series, you're moronic. Get over the Gonchar hit, it wasn't intentional. He's the best pure scorer in the game, and maybe of all time. Yah, he scores highlight reel goals, but that wrist shot from just inside the blue line is a thing of beauty. You know that cringing feeling in your stomach you Pens fans had every time Ovie had the puck because you assumed he was going to score? Yah, that's called respect for a great player.

If Capitals fans haven't gained an appreciation or respect for Crosby, then you don't understand hockey. He may not score pretty goals or have an amazing wrister, or even be a funny guy...but he's the best playmaker in the game. His vision is unmatched, and his puck control in corners is just ridiculous. And when the pressure is on, he delivers.

No one has "won" anything yet. Crosby's team may have gotten the better of the Caps this year but rest assured this is a Caps team very similar to the Penguins....every playoff loss is a learning opportunity and a stepping stone towards a Championship caliber team.

If you want more insight on the series you aren't going to find it here. It was great while it lasted, but now that it's over, lets move on. There are more games to be played.
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