Monday, May 4, 2009

Conn Smythe Nomination: 5/1 - 5/3

Geez, what a weekend of hockey that was. Some epic games (first multi OT thriller), some game changing plays (Varlamov comes to mind) and some glorious, glorious, hockey action. Now on to the top performers of the weekend, mind you we take the weekend as a whole, so suck it.

On Friday, Detroit managed to win game 1, without Brian Rafalski (the Devils aren't the only one's who can win without him), and guess who stepped up in that there game? Oh imagine that, Niklas Listrom. While logging over 27 minutes of ice time, Lidstrom potted 2 goals on the night, and also picking up an assist, in a thriller. He scored the GWG with 50 seconds left, clutch city.

Saturday? Well, Saturday, I'm going to skip Saturday. Not because Sharp or Varlamov don't warrant consideration for their efforts, they do, they'll get their honorable mention and we'll move on to Sunday.

And what a Sunday it was. 2 guys stepped up big time on Sunday. For the 'Canes, Cam Ward showed that he gets unreal during playoff time, posting his 2nd shutout of the postseason, all the while handing the B's their first playoff loss. 36 saves at TD Banknorth is no laughing matter, and a phenomenal effort.

The 2nd guy on Sunday who needs recognized is Ryan Getzlaf. Let's be honest, we want to give a shout out to Jonas Hiller, who's 59 saves were clutch. But Getzlaf dominated the show, logging 39 minutes of ice time, while scoring 1 and adding 2 helpers. If the stats aren't enough, it was just his overall play that was dominating, with his line of Perry and Ryan consistently forcing the wings to play back on their heels. It's performances like that that warrant Conn Smythe Consideration.

Honorable mentions on the weekend go out to: Patrick Sharp, Marc Savard, Simeon Varlamov, Jonas Hiller, Alex Semin (his fake shot pass to Ovechkin was amazing), Sidney Crosby (dominated at times in game 2), and Todd Marchant.

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