Monday, April 20, 2009

ZZ Top at Blackhawk Playoff Games

No, not really. But it sure as hell looks like they are. Apparently some people aren't allowed to grow ridiculously terrible beards where they work so they (ahem, me), or like Pat Kane and Jon Toews, they can't (ahem, me). Well I guess that's where this new fad in Chicago came from; and it's spreading like Gonorrhea at band camp.

Well you can blame these knuckleheads for the craze. Now look, it's even spreading to the ridiculously priced seats in the front row. PHOTO GALLERY FTW!

"When she boogie, she do the tube snake boogie" - ZZ Top

"She wanna Pearl Necklace" - ZZ Top

"You don't have to worry cause takin' care of business is his name" - ZZ Top

I don't even really like ZZ Top, but I do think the Blackhawk's videos are about as good as they get in the league. There are so many questions to ask here. Does anyone know if the team is giving out those fake beards? Outdoor vendor? A.C. Moore Crafts? They aren't for sale inside the United Center are they? How do you drink beer with one of those on? Does Patrick Kane even know who ZZ Top is?

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