Monday, April 27, 2009

The Vezina Finalists

See look at that, we're back on schedule. The Vezina Candidates: Steve Mason, Tim Thomas, and Nik Backstrom. Uhhhh whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? No Roberto Luongo? Uh oh, Vancouver weeps tonight. But hey let's go ahead and look at the stats, shall we?

Go ahead, click on there, super size that. They didn't really pick the top 3 right in a row did they? Nah, they wouldn't...right?

I only see 1 workhorse in there too, should voters skew towards a guy that played more games? This race is by far more interesting than the Lady Byng. Is BanginPanger gonna go out on a limb and make a pick? Of course, it's going to be Thomas. Hey, let's waste some time and watch some highlights in a spiffy NHL video.

But hey, what do you all think? Will the feel good story of the BeeJays rise to playoff sweepdom put Mason over the edge? Is Thomas's numbers, even while splitting time with Manny going to be enough to win the bugger, let alone playing in Julien's system? Does Backstrom get the benefit of a doubt when he has a blueline anchored by...Kim Johnsson? Weigh in.
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