Monday, April 20, 2009

Sean Avery: Garbage as Usual

This got me all kinds of fired up. In the waning moments of the Capitals 4-0 game 3 win, Sean Avery decided he would go ahead and try to get into 20 year old rookie Simeon Varlmov's head. Why? Because he's Sean Avery. To the video!

What does Avery expect to do? Varlamov speaks English worse than Evgeni Malkin does. It's one thing to wave your hands and stick in front of the goalie, but punching him in the face, while you're not even looking at him in the eye, nor he looking at you, is just such cowardice it makes Bertuzzi/Crosby/Eager/Ott/insert who you hate most here look like a saint. As it is, Avery received 2 and 10 for that little maneuver.

Now if you'd recall, Colin Campbell has said they are going to take action against players that are "trying to send a message when the outcome has already been decided."

Now is less than 3 minutes left in the game considered late enough for a losing team to be trying to send a message?

What do you guys think? Will we be seeing Avery grace the ice on Wednesday night (where you can join me over at Capitals Kremlin for a live blog of the game) or will he be taking a seat?


Libey said...

If Carcillo is a repeat offender, so is Avery (not even including the "sloppy" incident). He should absolutely get a game for this. Even if he didn't hit him that hard, it was unnecessary, and the game had been decided.

Sean Avery, welcome to Daniel Carcillo and Milan Lucic territory.

digitahighlander said...

LOL of course he's gone... he's Sean Avery. The poll shouldn't be if he's gone, it should be "how many games will he get?"

As much as I hate Avery, I hate Campbell more.

I'd hate to see Campbell make an example out of Avery and give him more than 1 game... because that will just make this situation so much worse.

Remember Flyers fans.. as much as you hate him, Avery is a "Flyer" in the league's (Campbell's) eyes.. he just wears a different jersey.

digitahighlander said...

And now Burrish breaks his stick over a Flame...nice x-check late in the game..

Was that a "message"? Do you think he CC'ed anyone on that message? Did he actually "send" it though? I think he started writing it, but didn't actually click "send". I hope he saved the draft...

Vance said...

Puck Daddy found the Burish Crosscheck on Bourque.If Carcillo gets suspended, then Burish should be sitting out game 4. We await the Wheel of Discipline this afternoon.

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