Thursday, April 30, 2009

Round 1 Review: Onus 7 Seeds

I need to fire these out today, Christ there's playoff hockey tonight. So for your #7 seeds, the Columbus Blue Jackets and New York Rangers, one went with nigh a whimper, the other put up a fight only Denson believed could happen. We move to the picks. Take a look back if you wanna see what we originally thought.

NameNew York RangersGradeColumbus Blue JacketsGrade
VanceChris DruryHow the hell was I supposed to know he played the entire series with a broken hand?!? But that is the kinda guy Drury is, a fierce competitor. He did score the GWG in Game 4, which everyone though put away that series. Otherwise, ouch.R.J UmbergerWell this was a rather unconventional pick, but guess what, it turned out. Umberger accounted for nearly 50% of his entire teams scoring, but then again, it was only 3 goals.
DensonSean AveryTough call, game 1 he played great, Rags won. Game 2, he played ok, squeaked it out. Games 3, OK. Game 4, yikes. Game 5, BENCHED. Game 6, non-factor. Game 7, too little, too late. A mixed bag here. Steve MasonOh boy oh boy, the Vezina candidate sure needed to step up against those Wings, oh boy oh boy, he sure didn't.
JToBHenrik LundqvistJToB has an affinity for callin' out goalies, well this is like 50% right too. Hank stole the first couple games, but then managed to get yanked in both the 5th and 6th games of the series. Did what he could, but with no offense in front of him, what more could you ask?Rick NashRich had his chance to prove his stardom on the big stage, 1 goal, 2 assists. Tough luck Rick.
ReedSean AverySee above. I will say this though, games 1 & 7 he played very well. In game 1 he got in Green's head, in game 7 he was a forecheck machine. But he didn't get into Simeon Varlamov's head.Nash and MasonJust take the prior 2, throw 'em together, slap chop 'em around a bit, and realize that man, Columbus's playoff debut was a freakin' unmitigated disaster.

Ok folks, there's a look back at who we thought needed to step up to win their series. Obviously none of us truly thought the BJs could beat the Wings, but man, they didn't even give hope. At least the Rangers gave hope.
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