Thursday, April 30, 2009

Round 1 Review: Onus 6 Seeds

These are succccccccccchhhhhhhh a pain. But I've gotta do 'em, keeps us in check. Check back here to see our picks for the 6 seeds, and the justifications. If you want, whatever.

NameCarolina HurricanesGradeSt. Louis BluesGrade
VanceErik ColeWell this one, plain dead wrong. Carolina didn't need him at all apparently. 0 points, -2, 6 PIM. Vance = FAIL.TJ OshieHey, lookie there, I shit the bed twice. 0 points, Even, 2 PIM, only 6 shots on goal. Christ, I look like a douche this round.
DensonEric Staal5 goals, 2 assists, led the Canes in scoring in their upset of the Devils. At least he stood up to the challenge of beating Marty Brodeur.Keith TkachukWorse than the freakin' Oshie pick. 19 skaters for the Blues, 19th statistically. Tough showing Keith.
JToBEric StaalOh those two goals in the last minute were something special weren't they? Eric scored one of 'em, good enough.Andy MurrayWent out on a limb with a coach here, and you know what, EPIC FAIL.
ReedCam WardWard bested Brodeur, not much else you can say about that.TJ OshieLike myself, Reed loved how this kid played in the last 2 months, well TJ apparently forgot how to play like that.

So really, we kinda sucked on the 6 seeds. I mean, Staal and Ward, outside of that, we were shit terrible. We need some redemption picks, which I'm sure, will be coming up shortly. One thing we can say though, is that no one wants to play the Canes, and St. Louis has a bright future.


Denson said...

haha wow. We are a joke.

jamestobrien said...

Hmmm I thought the onus didn't necessarily mean they'd play well, just that they'd be a pivotal figure in each period. I guess that's what happens when you take reading lessons from Jacques Demers.

jamestobrien said...

er, each series. Dammit.

Vance said...

I left it open ended. If Andy Murray was a pivotal figure, then that MOFO wouldn't have gotten swwwwwwwwwwwwept.

jamestobrien said...

Not disagreeing with you on my wrong-ness, especially on that count. Just trying to clarify.

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