Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Penguins Make Disco Dan Head Coach

The Pittsburgh Penguins removed the "interim" tag from Dan Bylsma Tuesday making him the Penguin's newest Head Coach.

No details released yet on the multi-year deal...although I expect it to be similar to what Therrien had previously signed on for.

Bylsma has done a remarkable job since taking the reigns from Therrien back on February 15, when he took over a struggling Penguins team. Bylsma has certainly been a breath of fresh air for a team that a few months ago, was looking more at the draft lottery than a return to the Stanley Cup Finals. The Pens posted a 18-3-4 record in their final 25 games him behind their bench and are now on their way to the second round of the playoffs.

Reason why Pens fans should be happy:

As everyone will say and has said, the numbers don't lie. Ray Shero really didn't have any reason not to make Bylsma head coach. His coaching tactics seem to fit this Penguins team perfectly, reimplementing an offense that attacks rather than sitting back and waiting....and waiting...and waiting. His line juggling combos have been pretty damn good too. And that overall record of 22-5-4 is pretty damn sexy.

Reason why Pens fans should be cautious:

When the Pens experience adversity and their next slump in the season/seasons to come, Bylsma's "players coach" reputation may not get the job done like it did this year. He won't have the ability to start fresh...with a locker room of players looking for ANY sort of change. Next season will be completely different than this year...and we all know the players inside the Pens locker room are capable of playing to get their coach fired. The Penguins haven't really experience much adversity since Bylsma's hiring besides Game 6 against the Flyers where they faced a 3-0 deficit. He got the job down there. It'll be interesting to see how this team reacts,however, once they are really faced with some do-or-die adversity.

What do you guys think? Is the man they call "Disco Dan" right for the job?


Vance said...

I would have to say "tempered enthusiasm."

It's pretty obvious the Pens were playing to get Therrien fired, so this team can apparently turn on you pretty quickly.

Will Denim Dan, as I will call him, be able to hold the locker room? You say he's a player's coach, I say he's an inexperienced coach. Only a half a year in Wilkes Barre, plus some years as an assistant.

I guess though it probably isn't all that difficult to coach guys like Malkin and Crosby; hey you, go play 25 minutes.

Libey said...

He won't last two full seasons as head coach. Too inexperienced to handle the ego's in that locker room.

Gary Scares Me said...

Great signing. The players responded to him. He's a nice guy, other than the fact he has it out for my boy Letang. I think this is what the players needed. Although Vance may have a point that the players clearly packed it in for MT, Bylsma's aggressive coaching style fits the teams players and personalities well.

As far as the "ego" comment, you're just a retard. Crosby and Malkin signed for discounts to keep their teammates around. There's no guy on that team that's bigger than the team. Oh real quick, great season, Philly.

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