Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Onus: #6 Seeds

Vance - BanginPanger.com

Carolina Hurricanes - Erik Cole

St. Louis Blues - T.J. Oshie
You were brought back for one reason, to be the shoulder for Staal to cry on. Not really, but since his return the Canes have been on fire. Cam Ward’s already proven he can stay hot through a playoff run, so now it’s Erik Cole’s turn to show he’s more than just fodder for broken neck jokes.If you’re not on the Oshie bandwagon yet, you will be soon. This kid can flat out play and the Blues have to be the feel good story of the year. But if the Blues are going to pull off the upset they’ll need Oshie to keep that up, and supplement Backes and Boyes.
Denson - BanginPanger.com
Carolina Hurricanes - Eric Staal
St. Louis Blues - Keith Tkachuk
Hi, my name is Eric Staal and I score 90% of my goals against shitty, shitty, shitty teams. Yeah, maybe the most overrated 40 goal scorer in the past few seasons. Seems to be a trend with Staals…you know…overrating them. Not sure Staal will be as productive with Marty staring him down on the other end of the ice, but he needs to be for this team to come out on top of a likely 7 game series. I’d have gone with Cam Ward, but if he sucks, they’re going to get swept anyways. Amongst all of the young and talented…talent…on the Blues still sit old man ventran Keith Tkachuk. The Blues will need to look to Tkachuk for leadership in the locker room and on the ice as this team is under a lot of pressure to make a good showing in the playoffs.

JToB - CycleLikeSedins.com
Carolina Hurricanes - Eric Staal
St. Louis Blues - Andy Murray
Ever since the Puck Huffers refered to him as "Pillow Lips" it's nearly impossible to look at the NHL '08 cover boy any other way. Pushing past that, though, Staal is the lightning rod for the Hurricanes and has been since his breakthrough season. Many - myself included - scoffed at the Canes' move to re-acquire Erik Cole but that along with a coaching change caused one of the league's most surprising surges. Could it have been that those moves simply made Staal happy? Whatever way you look at it, he's the franchise player and it all rests on his lanky frame.OK, I know this is cheating but I haven't used a coach yet. The Blues are chock-full of young, impressionable players with not much more than Keith "sucks in the playoffs" Tkachuk and Chris Mason to lean on. If Murray - a widely respected yet not necessarily well liked coach - can push all the right buttons the Blues might be able to shock the hockey world. Again.
Reed - CapitalsKremlin.com
Carolina Hurricanes - Cam Ward
St. Louis Blues - T.J. Oshie
The Carolina Hurricanes went from being a bubble team, to Stanley Cup contender on the back of Cam Ward. The Carolina Hurricanes Stanley Cup win was won on the back of Cam Ward. So does it surprise you that if the Hurricanes are going to go deep this year, it will be a direct result of Cam Ward?The Blues have been one of the NHL's best stories this year. Their mid-season turnaround is comprable to the Capitals of last year. T.J. Oshie is a rookie whose been stealing the spotlight in St. Louis for weeks now. He's been on fire since the Blues turnaround began, and I think he could play a huge part in the Blues playoff run. Don't be surprised if a few goalies scream "Oshie-t" this April.

Word has it that JToB will be getting his picks to me tonight. We'll see. We'll see. Oh by the way, happy birthday James!

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