Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Onus: #5 Seeds

Vance - BanginPanger.com

Philadelphia Flyers - Martin Biron

Calgary Flames - Dion Phaneuf
I’ve finally given in and chosen a starting goaltender. If you look at the Flyers, they have only one obvious weakness in that 6 x 4 foot cage. Plenty of scoring up front, strength on the blueline, but Swiss cheese in net. The Flyers have a tough test in front of them in round 1, and Biron needs to be on for them to have a chance.Dion has always been considered one of the top defensemen in the league since his arrival, that is, until this year. With stats down across the board, including his first year as a Minus player, Phaneuf has to bring back his physical style, join Leopold on the rush, and rediscover his play. I blame Sean Avery.

Denson - BanginPanger.com
Philadelphia Flyers - Martin Biron
Calgary Flames - Olli Jokinen
This one is easy. Flyers are just about as strong as any team in the East offensively…especially with a healthy Gange this year. Their defense is decently solid as well. So that leaves the onus, once again, on Marty Biron. His season hasn’t been stellar, but if he can string together some solid starts like he did during last years playoff run, Philly could be fo real.Olli Jokinen meet the NHL Post Season, Post Season, Mr. Jokinen. It’s simple. He was added to the Flames to add scoring depth. He did that in the regular season. Now he needs to continue. The Flames have been struggling as of late, and if Jokinen disappears, I’d say it’s going to be an early exit for them.

JToB - CycleLikeSedins.com
Philadelphia Flyers - Daniel Briere
Calgary Flames - Miikka Kiprusoff
Mr. Plank and I were discussing what might just be a fact of hockey life: no one likes Daniel Briere. Everyone has their reasons, but even Flyers fans probably hate him for his cap killing ways. That being said, Briere was one of the catalysts (like it or not) for the Flyers re-birth last season and gives them a staggering group of dangerous forwards. Biron and Richards will be the two most important players for Philly but Briere's the big scary question mark for the Penguins.Miikka Kiprusoff is the bane of number crunching bloggers and automated spell checkers the world around. He's also one of a handful of goalies who more or less starts every game for his team. It seems like Kipper's finally outside of that SCF run grace period and needs to put together another quality playoff run or the vultures will come-a-swoopin'.
Reed - CapitalsKremlin.com
Philadelphia Flyers - Mike Richards
Calgary Flames - Olli Jokinen
He’s a heart-and-soul leader, who is 100% pure grit. Richard’s battles for the puck, he isn’t afraid to drive the net, and he creates opportunity for his line mates with his physical style of play. Richards is a proven leader as seen in last year’s playoff run.The bald wonder has been somewhat disappointing for the Flames as of late. He started his tenure with them after the trade deadline scoring two goals in his first game. Since then he’s only had six goals in 16 games. Yikes. Considering the Flames are a “charity seeding” by virtue of leading their division despite being behind the Blackhawks in points, Jokinen has got to add to the scoring, because Jarome Iginla can’t do it all.

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