Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Onus: #3 Seeds

You know what this is by now. To the table.

Vance - BanginPanger.com
New Jersey Devils - Brian RolstonVancouver Canucks - Mats Sundin
With opponents top D pairings keying on Parise, and Elias hurting, the perennial 30 goal scorer (but only 32 points this year) needs to step up his game big time. With only 7 goals since the All Star break, the veteran Rolston better be ready to bring that slap shot every night.Want to cement your legacy as a stud? Or corroborate the fact you were a stud on bad teams? Well, dominate a bigger, faster, stronger Western Conference (debatable) and cement yourself in NHL lore outside of Toronto. Of course, you were brought in to supplement the historically limp Canucks offense, but 28 points in 41 games won’t do that. Step it up, Mats.

Denson - BanginPanger.com
New Jersey Devils - Brian Gionta
Vancouver Canucks - Roberto Luongo
With Patrick Elias battling his leg/groin/vaginal issues, I don’t expect his numbers to be very great…at least for the first playoff series. Gionta has been mediocre, at best, when it comes to scoring goals ever since pocketing 48 back in 06’. If Gionta is able to provide the Devils with some consistent secondary scoring than I am still very afraid of this team. If not, then I’m just afraid of fatty falling on Sidney.As Roberto goes, so go the Canucks. I don’t know what it is about this team...maybe it’s because I hardly ever see them play, but I’m just not a big believer in them. So with that, I’ll put the onus on Luongo simply because if he plays well, then the Canucks only need like what…between 2 and 3 goals a game to win? That’ll get them past the Blues at least.

JToB - CycleLikeSedins.com
New Jersey Devils - Zach Parise
Vancouver Canucks - Mats Sundin
You were probably thinking Brodeur, right? Well, that may have been my choice if I hadn't heard three HNIC talking heads authoritatively state that Parise is having a better season than Sidney Crosby. Let's see Parise continue his impressive run through the playoffs before we start preparing his own wing of the Hockey Hall of Fame, mmmkay? I mean, he's really fun to watch and all but this shit's just starting to get ridiculous.
He's the $10 million (prorated) man. The world was aflutter with questions: will Mat(s) stay on a sinking ship in Toronto or seek greener pastures? Will the NHL frown upon his poker promoting commercials? When will I stop asking rhetorical questions? After pulling Forsbergian diva behavior, Sundin chose the big bucks with the Canucks. He's rounded into playing shape and doesn't have any excuse. It's time to prove your worth, 'diner.

Reed - CapitalsKremlin.com
New Jersey Devils - Zach Parise
Vancouver Canucks - The Sedins
He’s got two goals and four points in his last eight games leading into the post-season. That’s not going to cut it come playoff time, and considering the Devils are up against a super-hot team like the Canes, they’ll need to keep pace to have a chance.The Canucks offensive leaders who happen to be brothers are my choice for the 'Nucks x-factor. Strange that the two brothers have nearly a 30 point lead on the Canucks next highest point scorer. When the Sedins' are on their game, the Canucks offense tends generate enough offense to put Roberto Luongo at ease.


Denson said...

WHERE IS JAMMMMMES! I can't continue my work until i know his opinion!

Vance said...

Last I heard he was face down in a ditch out back the Coyote Ugly, but I reckon I don't know if he ever made it home.

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