Monday, April 13, 2009

The Onus: #2 Seeds

Sorry, travel and weariness beat me last night, didn't have time to post this beast. But here this morning we have our thoughts on the 2 seeds, Detroit and Washington. Once again, here's what we're doing. Follow along now.
Vance -
Washington Capitals - Simeon VarlamovDetroit Red Wings - Tomas Holmstrom
Keep that new mask ready, you’ve shown you can handle yourself in between the pipes, now don’t be surprised when Theodore goes all Lindsay Lohan crazy. Historically, Theodore can get through the 1st round, after that we've seen his demise. Simeon, shore up the pipes and the Caps are set.He’s got to get healthy and quick. He wore out defenses last post season with his physicality in front of the net. Without his big body in front, could the finesse players find it a little more difficult on the PP? I think so, Holmstrom’s key. Plus, obviously somebody else is going to pick Osgood. [edit: see]
Denson -
Washington Capitals - Mike Green

Detroit Red Wings - Chris Osgood
Yes, Mike Green. He has been basically sick nasty all season…offensively. Defensively, I’m not sold on this guy yet…and the Caps need solid defense in the playoffs if they are going to make some noise. He’ll show up on the score sheet plenty I’m sure, but I think we all agree they have more than enough firepower up front to fill the net. Mike, sweetheart, defense wins championships. Plus the more you keep that puck the hell away from Theodore…the better. Flopsgood has been shitty at times, and then really good at times. Detroit is probably still has enough firepower and defense to get through the first round with subpar goaltending but if Osgood isn’t on his game for later rounds, this team could see an early exit. I’d have gone with Conklin…but maybe that tiny, little gaffe back with Edmonton is in the back of Babcock’s mind…
JToB -
Washington Capitals - Jose Theodore
Detroit Red Wings - Chris Osgood
It's not JUST going to be goalies, I swear. But let's face it: if the Capitals lose, Propecia spokesman of the future Theodore will almost certainly be a scapegoat. Naturally, Alex Ovechkin is facing a lot of pressure as well but the Caps can fall back on a slew of scorers - from Alex Semin to Nicklas Backstrom to Mike Green - to ease some of the pressure for their Hart candidate. So, ultimately, it all comes down to whether or not Theo can channel that guy who once screwed Jarome Iginla out of an MVP or if he ends up crapping the bed again. It will be interesting to see what happens there.Sometimes, things are obvious for a reason. The Red Wings probably won't play Ty Conklin in the playoffs even though he's having a superior season, so Detroit's hopes rest on Osgood's negotiable five hole. With one of the scariest groups of forwards and some of the best defensive players in the league, it all comes down to the goalie. Can Osgood start those absurd "Hall of Fame" arguments again or will he once again get Langenbrunner'd? We'll have to wait and find out.
Reed -
Washington Capitals - Alex Semin
Detroit Red Wings - Chris Osgood
Alex Ovechkin may be the Capitals mega-star, but meet their game changer. When Ovechkin was cold at the start of last season’s Caps and Flyers series, Semin was red hot. Semin is quite possibly the most dangerous player on the Capitals, and with defenses already worrying about Ovechkin, Semin will be the difference maker.I’m sure Osgood would love to forget about that sub .900 save percentage, but you know what, the Red Wings are still a top team in spite of shaky goaltending. So I guess that means if he’s decent they’ll win another Cup right? A strong playoff start from Osgood would be the beginning of another long second season.

So I decided to leave out pictures this time, at this point, if you're reading this, you know who these guys are (ok, maybe not Varlamov, but you will soon enough). So there's the onus for the Wings and Caps, worries about goaltending on both sides, with some overlooked stars needing to step up their games, either way, you can be sure both these teams will be reckoned with come April, May, June.

Someone else you think needs to step up for these guys? Who are you putting the onus on?
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