Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Norris Candidates

Today we have your Norris Candidates, and on a completely non surprising note, Nik Lidstrom, Zdeno Chara, and Mike Green are your finalists.

Unlike the Calder Trophy, this one is a little tougher to decipher. Denson and I probably disagree, but my pick is going to be Mike Green. Why? PEEP this shit.

Green is forced to be the offensive threat from the Capitals blueline, and just like Ovechkin, how he goes, the Caps tend to follow. Without Green, would the Caps blueline of Poti, Erskine, Jurcina and co. survive? I tend to think not.

Can he unseat Lidstrom who as per usual, had another phenomenal year (not as great as some in the past, but still), or will the darkhorse Chara roll in the Norris glory? What do y'all think?

Thanks to JapersRink for the data/graph.


Tom said...

If the award were truly given to the best defenseman, it's Chara hands-down. He does everything a defenseman should do in every part of the ice, and within a responsible system he still puts up stirling numbers.

Green winning the Norris is like Chris Osgood winning the Conn Smythe.

Vance said...

You know what's sad, Chris Osgood stands a chance at the Conn Smythe. Damn.

Denson said...

I agreed with Tom. Green has no business winning the Norris.

Best DEFENSEMAN goes to Chara..

Hell...look at Green in the Postseason...clearly lacking Defensive skills.

Vance said...

Now see that's not true, it's his offensive skills that are lacking in the playoffs. Varlamov still has a GAA of 1.

The knock on Green is defense, but that's not necessarily true.

Burgundy said...

Chara should win this. I agree with the Mike Green nomination... what I don't agree with is the Lidstrom nomination. I think Shea Weber should of got it!

Myself and some of the other guys at wrote about Weber/Lidstrom earlier.

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