Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Looking Back: The Onus #8 Seeds

So Anaheim and Montreal, how'd you fare? .500 for the 8's? That's a good year. How'd we do? Well I suppose it's time to take a look back at the ONI for the 8 seeds, I guess I'll have to let Reed and JToB know that they sucked too.

NameMontreal CanadiensGradeAnaheim DucksGrade
VanceThe PP PointWell, the Habs scored a total of 6 goals while getting swept out by the Bruins. I said whoever was going to man the point on the PP was going to be key to their success, making the most of their opportunities, etc. etc. The result? 0-8 on the PP during the course of the series. If they would've stepped up, would it have mattered? Maybe, but I doubt it. Not with Carey Price in net.Jonas HillerWe all know how well he did, freakin' awesome. 2 shutouts, currently leading the playoffs in save %. Think this series hinged totally on him, it did. They won.
DensonAlex KovalevWell Kovalev did lead his team in postseason points...with 3. It was a good pick, and he did what he could, but it wasn't enough.Bobby RyanHe led the Ducks with 4 goals, and in shots with 23. He supplied 4 of 18 Ducks goals, can't complain with the kind of production from a rookie. Good pick.
JToBCarey PriceWell he called him out. Had to play well to have a chance against the B's. He didn't. That's 15 goals in 4 games. Ouch. He needed to step up, but he didn't. JToB called it.Giguere or HillerI guess JToB was half as right as I was. We talked about Hiller, he dominated.
ReedPrice or Halak.Well, Price faltered. Maybe Reed was on to something when he said Halak may make an appearance? Maybe the Habs were just that bad? Again, good pick by our guys, and bad execution by the player.Ryan GetzlafLast night's BP Conn Smythe nominee, Getzlaf is currently tied for 2nd in postseason play in points. Is that stepping up to carry your team to victory? Damn right it is. Good pick.

So how do you guys think we did? Obviously the Hiller pick worked out for all of us. Am I right for saying we called out the guys who needed to step up, but sucked, and still saying we were right? Can I do that? DAMN RIGHT I CAN.


Reed-CK said...

So is the loser of this contest going to be referred to as "the Anus" for the rest of the season?

Vance said...

I was thinking asshat, but since they rhyme maybe we'll go with anus.

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