Saturday, April 4, 2009

Last Night Was Awesome

Last night was simply fantastic. We can talk about the ins and outs of the game, but let's just watch the highlights for now.

A couple things about last night, first off, a nice contingent of Sabres fans were in the Phone Booth last night. Like when Pittsburgh comes to town, I'm just going to assume that more people leave Buffalo than stay. Loud and proud, that is for sure.

There more unlikely bounces in that game than any I've ever seen, a couple own goals, crazy bounces, odd deflections, and at times awful goaltending. But that certainly didn't take away from the excitement of the contest.

An admirable job by the Sabres PK, 5 minutes of 5 on 3? Ouch.

I usually go out of my way to defend Ovechkin's...over of play. But last night, taking a hard run at Ryan Miller, who we all know is just coming off an ankle injury, is pretty unnecessary. I'm not saying Cherry's right or anything, just he should keep his hand down and skates on the ice.

Aside from the chili cheese fries from "Dress Your Dog" (7.50 for a platter full of fries with unlimited toppings? yes, please.) was my happenstance meeting with Brett Leonhardt. Brett Leonhardt who? Yes, he of 10 minutes NHL experience. Nice guy, we sat a couple rows behind his folks.

All in all it was a great night, that ended in a deja vu moment for the Sabres. Didn't we just lose an OT game when a player with 2 goals made a sloppy pass that got intercepted for a breakaway? Yeah I thought so. Here's to rooting for Montreal, Boston, and Philadelphia for the next week.

Also, onnnnnnnnnnnne more thing. How does Ovechkin get 1st star, even with the 3 points, wouldn't the guy with 2 points and the game winner merit a star? Any star? Rough luck, Pommer.


Vance said...

Does it not look like I'm hide a bag of coke in my left hand under my jersey? Shaaaaaaaaaaaaady.

digitahighlander said...

Brett Leonhardt.. that dude is dating the (cute) daughter of this lady I work with. Small world.

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