Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jersey Foul of Epic Proportions

We caught one red handed. A Rangers fan, and presumably, New York's greatest misinformed Bon Jovi fan. Shall we job him? Here and now? Text and Comments? Absolutely, of course.

Now I'm not one to make accusations. But, wasn't John Bon Jovi born in New Jersey? So wouldn't he presumably be a Devils fan? So, yes. That's fail number 1. But wait, Jon Bon Jovi is also owner of a Philadelphia sports franchise, the AFL's Soul, so wouldn't that potentially make him a...Flyers fan? Whoops, there's fail number 2. And finally, Bon Jovi isn't even his real God damned name, it's John Bongiovi, Jr., douchebag, there you have it, 3 fails.

I guess the 1 stands for "Best Band Evarrrrrrrrrrr" but in all seriousness, Bon Jovi? At least the guys next to you were sporting Graves and Messier sweaters, even if #11 was crying with 2 minutes left (exaggeration...or was it).

So have at him people, exactly how much of an efstick have we got here?


katie said...

Hey...that's my headband in that picture! Ha.

Graves and Messier booked it out of there as soon as the final whistle too...guess they didn't want to applaud their Rangers as they saluted the crowd from center ice...oh wait...


Vance said...

hahahaha Look at your, internet fame comin' your way.

We slid the camera phone down the aisle very slyly, made sure to get the optimum picture of the dude.

To not give away my identity, I was the one with the white Varlamov jersey in the top row.

Barry said...

I Toke that picture great idea Vance to take that photo... Katie your new internet fame is spreading like wild fire i showed people at my school the photo they were like... who's head is that... jk... peace and lets find some bad penguins jerseys!

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