Friday, April 3, 2009

Into the Lions Den: A Sabres Fan in Washington

Tonight marks the first time that Buffalo visits Washington...while I'm in town. So naturally that means I will be in attendance, fully sporting my Sabres gear (maybe my Caps hat, haven't that like an allegiance foul...or something?). So what should I expect?

I've only got one other "Visiting Team Go Ef Yourself" hockey experience under my belt. Of course, that was in Philly. Funny Story actually.
December 22nd, 2007. Sabres vs. Flyers at the Wachovia Center. This was back, you know, when the Sabres were really good.

Intermission, winding my way through obnoxious South Philly blowholes plowing through their crab fries, yelling "Buffalo sucks, O'Doyle Rules" as naturally I was wearing my Ryan Miller jersey. Frankly, I just wanted to piss.

Eventually I found the inevitable line full of drunkards at a Philly sports event (take note that I am also a Phillies fan, so I'm 1/3 this fan). There were more Primeau, Roenick, and Lindros jerseys than you'd ever seen in one place before. I took the standard abuse, absorbed and deflected.

So I'm finally at the urinal, unleashing the fury of a broken seal on the urinal cake, watching erosion take its course. Well I was, that is, until a guy, of course with a hint of Natural Light and cheese steak on his breath, puts a hand on my shoulder, and whispers in my ear, so close I could feel the warmth of his sweet nothings on my neck.

He whispered, ever so softly, so gently, "I bet Ryan Miller sits down to piss." I immediately tucked him away, zipped 'er up (as I'm sorry, but you simply don't touch another man while he drains the trouser snake), left, got another beer, then got in another line.

Silver lining? Sabres won that game 6-5.

My cousin, whom was sitting with others in another section, braved the upper decks wearing Sabres gear. Among the most notable slurs, cockface, is now a venerable character on Rock Band. I suppose we're lucky we managed to avoid the crucifixion.

So tell me people, as hockey fans we've all made the crusade to another city to cheer on our boys, got any stories? Let's hear em.


Chris said...

I wore a Coyotes jersey to a Flyers game once...Some guy acted like he "tripped" then proceeded to spill his beer, but he missed me and I got a little on my feet, that was about it. Really the joke was on him because he wasted a beer AND the Coyotes won as they always seem to do whenever I go to a PHX/Philly game.

digitahighlander said...

My first away experience was Flyers @ Rags on 2/15 this year....

I showed up kinda bummed because my authentic 3rd (orange) Richards jersey wasn't ready yet and my black Forsberg jersey is covered in autographs (and wouldnt dare wear that to MSG), so I had to don my 1996 CCM Leclair jersey...

Anyway, long story short, the Rags were -- ironically enough -- the Flyers proverbial roll of TP that day as they thoroughly wiped their ass with the Rangers and Richards got his 3rd career 5 on 3 SHG.

The only abuse I got that day was a very muted "I hear John Leclair touches little boys" on the concourse during the 1st intermission.

In fact, we kicked their ass so bad I almost felt like I had to apologize for setting Renney up to get fired.

(On a side note, MSG is awesome for such an old building. Even in the 300 level I felt like I was on top of the action, and the concourse offerings are sweet. Stella, Harp, Bass, etc, and each beer comes with a free pretzel rod)

Geoffrey Benedict said...

I lived in Chicago the year the Pens got Sid and Mario played, so naturally I went to see the Pens Blackhawks at the United Center.

The fans were actually nice to me, of course it probably helped that the Blackhawks stunk but the Pens laid a huge egg and lost by like 5 goals that night.

I bet a guy at the start of the third whoever scored first the other of us had to take off the jersey. At least I had a Pens shirt on underneath.

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