Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hershey Bears: Charity Results

I've been posting on the Hershey Bears and their dalliances with specialty jerseys. Remember those Valentine Jerseys? Yeah, wow they were funny. Remember the St. Patrick's Day jerseys? Yeah, they

But now the Bears Foundation has released the results of their charitable efforts with the auctions. A solid $120,000 for local charities in the Harrisburg/Hershey area.
"This season, the Hershey Bears hockey club has raised more than $120,000 for local charities and organizations. This result could not have been reached without the support of our fans. The Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company (HE&R) and the Hershey Bears Hockey Club would like to thank our fans for the caring and generosity they exhibit every year during our jersey auctions," said Ted J. Kleisner, President and CEO of HE&R. "Together, the BEARS and their fans are making a difference in the lives of many in our community."
Way to go, Teddy boy.

Let's recap those jerseys.

October 26th, 2008 Breast Cancer Awareness Night

Proceeds benefited American Cancer Society

November 1, 2008 Camouflage Night

Proceeds benefited the local Hershey Jr. Bears

January 24, 2009 Capitals Night

Proceeds benefited the MS Society

February 14, 2009 Puck-er Up Night

Proceeds benefited the Ronald McDonald House, Rett Syndrome, and the Hershey Historical Society

March 15, 2009 St. Patrick's Day Night

Proceeds Benefited World Blindness Outreach and Hospice Care of Central PA

April 12, 2009 Fan Appreciation Night

On Sunday the Bears will be auctioning the jerseys straight off their backs. The proceeds are going to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Association.
"Our fans have proven once again they are the very best. Their considerable contribution to various charities through the auctions is outstanding! In these challenging economic times, Hershey fans have shown their generosity by giving to those less fortunate," stated BEARS President and General Manager, Doug Yingst. "We truly applaud their kindness, caring, and support."
First off, good on the Bears for supporting the community that supports them, and kudos to the fans for paying so much for these jerseys.

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