Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fan of the Week: I Had To Post this ASAP

At the Caps games every now and again, they show fan videos, outlining some of the best, inspiring, or crazy fans out there. Well, this is the one we got to see on Friday during the Sabres game. And let me tell you, it is a treat. To quote one of my current favorite movies, Role Models, sir, people generally tend to avoid people in capes. This might make your day.

He really just admitted to buying a $280 dollar cape at a Renaissance Faire? Only thing worth that much money at a Renaissance Faire is a turkey leg, chocolate covered banana, and a hummer out back the Human Chess match from some fair wench, and maybe then $280 is too expensive. But seriously, $280.

Find the other Fans of the Weak (see what I did there? Week? Weak? Whatever.) by clicking here. (Oh yeah, I switched Fan of the Week and 5 Things I Hate About You, tough.)


Chris said...

More importantly..what the hell was the girl at 1:45 thinking?

Denson said...


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