Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Conn Smythe Nomination: 4/21/09

Well now that I've finally caught up with this, we can go back to doing a daily update. I think it's going to be fairly obvious who gets the nomination for last night's games; Simeon Varlamov.

His stat line for the night? 33 saves. 0 GAA. 1.00 save percentage. 1 shutout. 1 punch to the face. He faced 8 shots on the powerplay, stopped them all, and made some absolutely fantastic saves (and the right post made a nice one as well).

So with this game, Varlamov takes over as the lowest GAA and highest save percentage in the playoffs with a .982 SP and 0.5 GAA, while riding over a 110 minute shutout streak into Wednesday night's game 4 (where you can join me and Capitals Kremlin for a live blog, I'm going to pimp that out incessantly). Varlamov outplayed Lundqvist last night, and gave the Caps new hope.

Honorable mentions go out to David Moss for his 2 goal performance, Niklas Backstrom for his 3 assist night (and goal saving deflection), Alex Semin for his 2 goal, 1 assist game, and Michael Ryder's GWG.


Vance said...

You know, the Bruins have a 3-0 series lead, yet all we've given them is 3 honorable mentions.

Instead of playing a team game, how bout someone step up so we can recognize how well they're currently playing, sheesh.

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