Sunday, April 19, 2009

Carey Price: Only Half the Douchebag He Was Last Week

Thanks to the Program for this one, it is as good as it gets.

You know I've long considered Carey Price to have the false sense of self-entitlement that usually only lent itself to the skanks on The Hills and college basketball recruits, aka he's a total gay fish. But this is hilarious, and something that I could see myself doing, way to have a little fun Carey. Now go back to losing. K Thx.


Reed-CK said...

Carey Price = Douuuuuuchhhheee

Libey said...

Interesting... wonder if he wanted to say "Two for flinching" afterwards... or if he just told the fan to give him his milk money or he'd act like he would hit him again.

Vance said...

I bet Carey Price is Anonymous.

Denson said...

I wish that guy would have poured his beer on that little underage fudge packer.

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