Friday, April 10, 2009

2 Skills Comps, 2 Nasty Moves, But Which is Better?

We've got 2 here, one you've probably seen already over at Puck Daddy, the other was from last night's abortion in Carolina. I'm not sure why I chose the word abortion, thought it fit. We've got Mike Ribeiro and Derek Roy. As Denson says, peep the vids.

If you haven't seen Mike Ribeiro's meaningless move in a meaningless game, well then here you are.

Poor Peter Budaj, poor bastard can't ever catch a break. Really? Only during Masters week could Ribeiro pull that puppy on a string like that.

Next we have Derek Roy's shorthanded penalty shot goal in the 3rd period of that aforementioned abortion.

Now that you've seen both, which do you like better? The fancy pants lucky bounce of Ribeiro or the nonchalant "cool guy" passiveness of Derek Roy? Or are they both just creative douchebags? Just douchebags?

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