Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where Would van Riemsdyk Fit?

As teams keep falling out of the NCAA tourney (Bemidji State FTW!!! Go Beavers!) there's been a number of signings, notably Nick Petrecki (San Jose, Sharks #2 Prospect), Ryan Stoa (Colorado, Avs #4 Prospect), and Jamie McBain (Carolina, #4 Prospect), with more to come I'm sure.

However, what if a top 10 overall prospect, like James van Riemsdyk joined the Flyers? Where would he fit? After New Hampshire's thrilling win (for those who could watch it on ESPNU) against NoDak on Saturday, the Wildcats fell to #1 seed Boston and fell short of the Frozen Four.

Any excuse to post pictures like this, I will take.

There is some talk that the Wildcat Sophomore van Riemsdyk could be ready to join the Flyer's organization sooner than later. The All-Hockey East 2nd team selection was the 2nd overall pick (behind Patrick Kane) in the 2007 draft. Here's a little blurb about him from the UNH Hockey site.
van Riemsdyk ranks first on the team and sixth in Hockey East in scoring with 39 points in 34 games (1.15 ppg). The sophomore forward was a member of the league’s All-Rookie Team a year ago and elevated his game to become one of the top scorers in Hockey East. van Riemsdyk finished league play fifth in goals with 12 and 13th in assists with 15. He ranks first in Hockey East and second nationally in short-handed goals with four. Overall, van Riemsdyk sits in the top 25 in several offensive categories nationally, including points (19th), goals (24th) and short-handed goals. He finished the regular season with nine multi-point games and scoring streaks of three, four, six and 10 games.
But what can he do?

So if he does sign with Flyers where the hell do you put him? Or does he get the AHL treatment? The Flyer's lines have been so utterly jumbled as of late it's kind of hard to get a bearing, but suffice to say, how would a 3rd line of Giroux, Richards, and vanRiemsdyk sound? Sounds sick biz-nasty. Now if only they could fix that pesty Biron problem.

What do you want Flyers fans? Bring him on? Send him down? Don't wanna mess with chemistry? What say you?


Emilio said...


Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

good luck!! See you!

Chris Shafer said...

JVR won't likely be with the Flyers this season. They can't afford him for the regular season, and the postseason may be too much of a risk. Throwing someone like him right into the fire...can you seriously tell me he'd be better than Carcillo or Asham on that 3rd wing immediately? At the pro game he'd be far too defensively suspect, wouldn't offer much physicality, and probably would be washed away by the speed of the game at the NHL level let alone the playoffs. Pending a trial run with the Phantoms he could end up with the Flyers for the playoffs, but odds are 99% that he doesn't get the call up.

digitahighlander said...

He won't get the call up because he only signed an AHL tryout contract... not a 2-way contract.

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