Monday, March 16, 2009

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Take a gander at the pic's from the Pens/Bruins game yesterday afternoon. Notice anything strange about this picture? An avid hockey fan would probably catch it.

Game on
Don't see it? Take a closer look at Crosby...

Still no? Ok here's a hint.

Again...look at Crosby....

Pregame Ceremony

Finally. Yes. He is not wearing a visor in the first picture...even though he started the game with it on.

Why is this news? 1. Cause I'm a Fanboy. 2. Because of the intriguing story behind it. Apparently...and this is rumor/speculation...Marc Savard and Sid Crosby are not very fond of one another and at some point early in the game Sunday, Crosby or Savard challenged the other to a fight. Savard apparently refused to fight Crosby because he was wearing a visor and he must have belittled/antagonized him so much because... what's Crosby do? shift he unscrews the visor, takes it off, and goes back on the ice. Hilarious. Savard called Crosby Crosby called Savard out. Good times.

EDIT: Sidney Crosby does not take off his own visor...that's what equipment managers are for.

Now I didn't see any of the game because I was stuck in an airport and Ustream is big gay so I don't know if AFTER Crosby took the visor off if they got into any scuffles or whatever, but I just think it's funny.

Maybe when Ovechkin got under Crosby's skin a couple weeks ago it spread across the league that you need to harass the guy and get under his skin to get him off his game. Who knows. But I'm pretty sure the rest of the league is finding out that "getting him off...hehe...his game" usually back fires. Ovie did it well once. Then Crosby responded. I'm sure Ovie will respond back with another great game. That's the way it works with those two.

Crosby at least called Savard out, and from what I know, the two never did tango.

Keep in mind this isn't a post about blowing Crosby or anything. Just reporting what I've heard on the radio today...and for the love of Gawd...don't compare this to the Ovechkin/Crosby "feud". I think we've all had enough of the shit.


Gary Scares Me said...


If by getting him off of his game you mean making him motivated enough to kick your ass--on the score sheet--then yes, you're correct. Since Sid has come back from his injury, he's been averaging nearly 2 points per game (11 points in 6 games), and just passed up Ovie for second in the scoring race. And for the record, he's actually played in one fewer game than Ovie. Sid was also just named the NHL's third star of the week.

Savard's a clown. The conversation probably went like this:

Sid: "You're a f*cking bitch (or pussy)" (his usual taunt).
Savard: "Nice visor, homo."
Sid: "I'm not gay, you're gay. Let's fight."
Savard: "No, you have a visor, plus I'm a little scared of you cause Andrew Ference is my teammate and you beat his ass last season and made him bleed."
Sid (to Dana Heinze): "Unscrew my visor, this bitch needs an ass whooping."
Sid (to Savard): "Let's go now!"
Savard: "I didn't actually mean it, I'm just a vag who talks trash."
Sid: "Fine, let me pass this puck to Guerin so he can bury it."

Final stats: Sid had 3 assists, Savard had zero points. Winner and still champion, Sidney Crosby.

Oh, and for all you Sid haters who claim that he just whines and cries and isn't a leader, suck on that.

One more thing--Sid's gonna pass up Geno and win the scoring title. You heard it here first.

Denson said...

That dialogue has to be at least 90% accurate.

Vance said...

You guys can take your Pensblog comment section conspiracy theory and pittsburgh talk radio bullshit and shove it.

Joke City, USA.

Denson said...

Pensblog had nothing to do with this. I don't regurgitate all the shit that they spew.

Vance said...

Question: Would he have jumped Savvy like he jumped McLean after they had "agreed" to a fight?


Gary Scares Me said...

Answer: Yes. Or he would've pounded Savard's grundel into submission. Either way, Savard didn't want any of it. Advantage: Crosby.

Vance said...

No no no, if Savvy gets the grundel rub then they're both winners.

jamestobrien said...

Wow, the conversation switched from hockey to taints with alarming speed. It did not take long to cross that love bridge. Ho ho ho.

Spec7ral said...

Cindy Crosby wears lipstick.

Tom said...

Hey, I can do this too!

Chara: I vill crush yoo, leetle man!
Hall Gill: I can't hear you, I'm still trying to catch up to the play. Hold on a sec while I get closer.
Chara: *waits*
Chara: *waits*
Gill: Ok, what were we talking about?
Chara: Facking ay man, it take yoo DAT long to get skate linth of reenk?
Gill: Shit, the play just went the other way. Hold on.
Chara: *waits*
Chara: *waits*
Gill: Ok, let's fight.
Chara: Wait, pleeze hold Norris Trophy so I can geet gloves off.
Bettman: Does this fight qualify as staged?
Cherry: Blah blah blah blah blah Europeans!
Kovalev: I'm at this game because I didn't bother to show up for the Habs game tonight.
Crosby: Take this! *punches Chara in the taint and then skates away yapping*
Ovechkin: Take thees! *overshadows Crosby as league MVP despite huge marketing disparity*
Guerin: I'll take that... *collects $4.5m while scoring 0 points in the playoffs*

What fun to make up a bunch of bullshit instead of reporting things that actually happened! Next week we can pretend that Crosby stood up to Brashear by wearing his jock strap backwards.

Vance said...

Hahahahaha I love it.

Response from Pens fanboys in...3...2...1...

Denson said...


Hilarious Tom. Good times.

New feature possibly? I'm getting a kick out of these.

Anonymous said...

Chris Kunitz kinda sorta confirmed the Crosby visor story during a radio interview yesterday. Podcast should be available here:

Gary Scares Me said...

That was wicked funny, Tom. It had me laughing out loud! Way to throw Hall Gill, your native Bostonian, under the bus.

New prop bet: Can Tim Thomas eat a dozen donuts before Hal Gill can skate the length of the ice?!

New poll: Who's the more productive old fart: Bill Guerin or Mark Recchi?

Vance said...

Now we don't need to go into how native Pittsburghian Ryan Malone has been thrown under the bus, do we?

And no, Thomas could eat 2 dozen Krispy Kremes without a drink to wash em down before Gill passed the red line.

Don't bring Mark Recchi into this, he's already played in a dozen Penguins Alumni games!

Denson said...

ANNNND Recchi played in my highschool Alumni game. He was a bastard.

Vance said...

Since apparently this topic is being rehashed by every media outlet today, which you know, I'm totally cool with.

Let's recap:

Crosby is a bitch.
Savard is a bigger bitch.
Hal Gill is slow.
Tim Thomas is fat.
Mark Recchi is old.

Did I miss anything?

Denson said...

Yes you forgot to mention that Tim Thomas is fat.

When Brodeur retires. We have a new fatty.

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