Monday, March 16, 2009

What is it? Focus? Coaching? Desire?

You people (what do you mean, you people?) always say good teams win the games they should. Right? Makes sense? Of course it does. But here's the thing, the Sabres don't always do that, as in, like, never. This team is an enigma. A cruel, cruel joke on the poor bastards that consider themselves fans of this team.

Well, let's take a look at the numbers shall we.

15. NY Islanders : 2 - 2
14. Tampa Bay Lightning : 2 - 2
13. Atlanta Thrashers : 0-3
12. Ottawa Senators : 1-4
11. Toronto Maple Leafs: 3-1

Against the bottom 5 teams in the Eastern Conference, the Sabres have compiled a FANTASTIC record of 8-12, with, thank God, 4 more games against these guys down the home stretch. Let's not forget the losses to Phoenix, Anaheim, and the Avalanche as well, all bottom feeders in the West.

But then you compare it with records against the top 3 seeds in the East.

1. Boston Bruins : 3-2
2. New Jersey Devils : 2 - 1
3. Washington Capitals : 1 - 2

Uhhhhhhhh, WTF? Oh wait, don't forget about the wins against Vancouver and San Jose as well.

So you see, this is insanely frustrating for us Sabres fans. But it begs to ask the question; what's the root of this enigmatic play? It can't be grit; between Kaleta, Goose, Rivet, and Mair, there's plenty to go around. Is it a will to win? Maybe, but you can't really argue with the records against the top of the league. Frankly I think it's a laissez-faire attitude with this team, what happens, just happens. You see them play like hell against the top brass, but then blow a 2 goal home lead against the Thrashers in the last 6 minutes?

One thing is for certain, they need to get their shit together. But frankly, I think it's a little too late.


Denson said...

I don't think it's too late for these guys yet. Frankly, I think Florida and Carolina are suspect to failure.

The Rags are a bit "tougher" with Avery...but Avery isn't the answer for a lack of scoring.

If Lalime can be decently solid the rest of the way...3 goals a game wouldn't be awful...I still think the Sabres have enough fire power to get that 8 seed.

Vance said...

We do have 2 games in hand...but we also have games with Boston, Detroit, and New Jersey left.

Though you'd have to think they hold their own destiny, with games with NYR, Carolina, Florida, and Montreal left.

We'll see...I still say...PLAYOFFS?!?

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