Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Way Too Early Deadline Analysis: The Losers

You've got our winners, now what about our losers.

--Vance's Losers--

They aren't losers for what they did do (though it was a bit of a head scratcher) but for what they didn't do. Being rumored in on all the big names; Bouwmeester, Neidermeyer, Derek Morris, Antropov, etc, the Flyers came out skunked.

They did make one move, trading 22 points and 63 PiMs for 10 points and 173 PiMs. I thought the Flyers were complaining they spent too much time in the box? So they add Carcillo? This gives them 4 guys on the regular roster with over 100 PiMs.

Maybe they didn't lose per se, but they certainly didn't improve themselves, and their fan's certainly must be disappointed.
Instead of making a move for a top end D-man (hell even a friggin goalie), the Caps are sticking with John Erskine, Milan Jurcina, and Jeff Schultz as the backend muscle. You can't blame them for not wanting to give up Alzner or Varlamov for Pronger, but some blueline help would definitely had helped them, you know, not give up 6 goals to the Panthers.

Exactly who on this team scores? Cal Clutterbuck? Gaborik wasn't traded why? Here's your sign: EPIC FIAL.

Puck Daddy puts it best. Comments about last night's Sabres - Habs tilt...
Buffalo upgrades at the deadline, dominates for a victory; Bob Gainey's Canadiens stand pat to win with "what they have," and get smoked. This is not a coincidence.

--Denson's Losers--

Due to work obligations (work? work? Who said anything about work?) Denson was not able to get off (hehe) his comments. Here are his losers, and perhaps he'll add comments later, like a good little blogger.

He told me what his losers were, we didn't confer, but if you want to know who he thought failed, just go back and read mine over again. We think alike. No homo. But to make us seem less attached at the hip, he thinks Columbus blew their load too. So yeah, Columbus was stupid.

If he wants to add his thoughts, he can do it later.

--JToB's WTF/Lollercoasters--
  • Gotta love the fact that the Philadelphia Flyers added yet another immobile defenseman in Kyle McLaren. Was Derian Hatcher getting lonely at the back of every Herbie drill? (Is Derian Hatcher still alive/on the Flyers?)
  • Wow, the Carolina Hurricanes are pretty pathetic. Yuuuup, Erik Cole's going to bring the magic back. Riiiight.
  • I almost sort of kinda like the Senators making a ballsy move to trade for Pascal Leclaire, but I'm sure there are a lot of "ROFL!" type headlines from BJ bloggers. Still, did they really need to send a second round pick AND the guy who had a million SOs last year for Antoine Vermette? Really?
  • Why, in the hell, are the Leafs trading for Olaf Kolzig? That's probably the weirdest trade of the deadline.


jamestobrien said...

Woooo! You know, I didn't think of how dirty Cycle like the Sedins was abbreviated until I realized what a huge difference it would make if it was:

Cycle like it's the Sedins. Just let that marinate in the brain for a segundo.

digitahighlander said...

Taking the Flyers/Yotes trade at face value and trashing it is a bit short-sighted..

Believe me, us Flyers fans were scratching our head -- especially with the 2nd rounder thrown in -- but the more you think about it, the more sense it makes. (Phoenix had us by the balls and knew they could squeeze a pick out of us in order to free up some cap space)

Let's look at it more in depth...

1) Upshall is an RFA this summer and was gonna be gone anyway while Carcillo is a gritty, speedy serviceable winger signed for another season at $700k. Advantage Flyers.

2) Despite the disparity in PIMs, Upshall has left his team shorthanded only 3 times less than Carcillo this season -- most of his PIMs are majors and misconducts which means he's bringing one of their guys to the box too.

3) Switching Carcillo with Upshall on the Briere/Giroux line now gives that line some serious snarl and will create space for the two Frenchies to do their thing. Anyone that messes with either of the Montreal Midgets has to answer to Carcillo. Advantage Flyers

(typed this earler, and I paid for it with Briere going down again tonight.. W T F )

4) Last season's stats:

GP - 61
TOI - 13:19
G - 14
A - 16
P - 30

GP - 57
TOI - 12:43
G - 13
A - 11
P - 24

What exactly are the Flyers giving up here? Neither are having great seasons this year, but Carcillo has spent a lot time on the 4th line and in the pressbox... all in Wayne's doghouse.

The biggest positive I see out of this for Scottie is being coached by Gretzky and possibly even getting top-6 minutes which he never would have seen in Philly.

Vance said...

You do bring up a lot of good points, I'm just not sure {snarl} is exactly what the Flyers needed.

Poor Danny, can't catch a friggin' break. He's still my xbox background pwn'ing some unsuspecting goalie, back from the Sabres days of course.

digitahighlander said...

Yea... day after the deadline... Flyers training staff strikes again (Lindros, Babych, Forsberg, Gagne, etc etc etc).

They should just shelve him for at least the rest of the season...

Absolutely unbefuckinlievable he goes down the day after the deadline when we couldnt make any moves because of our cap. Welcome to Philadelphia.

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