Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Way Too Early Analysis: Final Thoughts

Well there you have it, that's what we thought (through the eyes of a couple homers) but there's still some things we'd like to address. Just saying

--Vance's Final Thoughts--

- I think it's pretty safe to say that Brian Burke is going to go buck wild on Free Agent day. Not for Marian Gaborik, too European, but for guys like Bouwmeester, Komisarek, Cammalleri, maybe even the Sedins. He's picked up so many expiring contracts and picks, he's going to build that team from the ground up, if he doesn't, wow are they ever going to be terrible.

- With San Jose making some moves, and the Red Wings standing pat, were the Sharks admitting that Detroit is the team to beat?

- I think Pittsburgh picking up Guerin is not as beneficial as it seems, 2 years ago Joe Thorton helped Guerin pick up 2 playoff points, and a first round exit, as a rental. Kunitz was the move that mattered for the Pens.

- Mark Recchi gets one last shot at the Cup, good for him.

- What exactly were the Predators doing? They couldn't afford to stand pat...but they did. Same goes with Minnesota. They essentially just lost Gaborik for nothing. I know all about that.

- Rangers get Sean Avery, Derek Morris, and Nik Antropov for 2 healthy scratches, Aaron Voros (waiver salary dump), and Nigel Dawes. So essentially 2 of the 3 guys that carried them to their fast start are now gone. Glen Sather = Worst GM in hockey.

- Havelid or Recchi? Who's now the team to beat in the East? For me, the scales are really tipping towards the Devils right now. God, I hate the Devils.

- Good move by Ottawa, getting a worthwhile goalie for once in their existence (no offense Lalime, total offense Ray Emery), while it's a bad move by Columbus. You need a center for Nash, not another winger.

- Chicago continues to just be the most under the radar team in existence. Yeah they got Sammy Pahlsson, but they weren't being mentioned at all yesterday. Good on them.

- Let by gones be by gones they say. Darcy pulled a deal with Edmonton. After the Vanek offer sheet fiasco, I never thought I'd see the Sabres deal with the Oilers again. (And yes, I know Tambellini is GM, not Lowe.)

- Anyone else smell a little tomfoolery between Brian Burke and Brian Lawton in that Kolzig trade? Yeah, James Mirtle did too.

--Denson's Final Thoughts--

Snore. Snore. Snore. Oh…wait the trade deadline has passed already? Where did Hossa go? Oh no Hossa this year huh…ummm where did Kovalchuk go? Oh…he wasn’t traded either? What about Jay-Bo…Philly was all about him and Florida had no chance but to trade him…really? REALLY? Jay-Bo stayed too?! What the hell.

Ugh. I can honestly say I basically wasted 8 hours of my workday yesterday listening to TSN’s TradeCenter. [ed. note: So did I, this isn't a bad thing, it's a great thing] Pierre McGuire was the best part of the show…I think he may have killed someone though.

I knew because of the cap issues and the economy we weren’t going to be in for crazy deadline day, but I at least thought we’d see some bigger names move….Teams just didn’t have the cap space or I guess teams like Capitals and Flyers are just sooooo good they are a lock for the ECFs. [laughs].

--JToB's Final Thoughts--

- As I said on my blog, the Penguins' will only see dividends from Bill Guerin in polygonal form. If Joe Thornton cannot baby bird him, why should Sidney Crosby be able to do that for an even-older Guerin? Then again, Eastern defenses are inferior and I guess anyone's better than Miroslav Satan.

- Mark Recchi is going to stop being blandly solid at some point, right? Jesus, that guy's like the effing Terminator.

- Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Scottie Upshall basically what Daniel Carcillo would be if Carcillo was just a little bit less of a nimrod? That was an extremely confusing trade.

- After all that talk, no Jay Bouwmeester or Chris Pronger trade? I guess the good old crazy trade days are over. Bummer.


jamestobrien said...

Great job with these posts, Vance.

Rob said...

Sather actually woke up and made some good deals. Prucha, Dawes, Kalinin, and Voros are pretty much worthless. Antropov had an assist tonight and Morris didn't screw anything up; something that Kalinin did on a regular basis.

Vance said...

I know all too well about Kalinin, the fact Sather gave him 2 million as a free agent just solidifies my point. Worst GM ever.

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