Friday, March 6, 2009

Some Ovechkin Videos for Your Viewing Pleasure


"Couple girls. Here. Here. Cigar. Vodka. Like 10 girls, yeah that's me." - Alex Ovechkin.

And apparently, he had a hole in one, on his first trip, ever, golfing.

"I hit it! YEAH! I shot it with it and I got it! I SWEAR GOD!"

I've been playing golf for as long as I can remember,and never got a hole in one, bastard.


Denson said...

YES! Shitty golfers have a chance for holes in ones too!

Watch out next weekend Vance. Hole in ones are coming in Myrtle.

Chris said...

He "goggles" his goals.

digitahighlander said...

Ovechkin Laichs Semin!

Denson said...

Wow. I never even thought of that. Hilarious.

Bryan Ollendyke said...

"I like to goto like theee goog-gel and go like...look who is this".... This guy is a real life borat. I'm pretty sure he's just messing with us while filming a documentary so he can go back to Russia and show his movie in which he says things like "you never score this, you never score this" and "King of the castle; king of the castle". He's possibly the ugliest person in the NHL and the caps will only go as far as he's able to carry their overall total lack of talent (outside of him of course).

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