Thursday, March 26, 2009

So Would You Consider this Dirty or Just Classless?

We've been all over the place in what we consider dirty, classless, unnecessary basically cause we're dirty, stinky homers, and according to JToB at, poopy heads. His words, not mine.

But last night, during the Sabres thrilling 5-3 comeback victory over those pesky Florida Panthers, there were some definite questionable shenanigans. Let's set up the background, shall we. The Panthers had taken the lead 3-1 early in the 3rd period on a Mike Frolik goal, however in the span of just 2 minutes 7 seconds, the Sabres held a 4-3 lead.

With less than a minute left, Max Afinogenov, for the first time in 4 years, was on the ice, stole the puck and took off down the side wall. He lets go the open netter, game iced. 5-3. Brawl ensues. Video ensues.

Now as you watch there in that clip, Keith Ballard doesn't dive to try to stop the shot (he was definitely not real worried about Max actually getting that puck), no, he turns on edge and heads straight for Afinogenov. Nate Horton jobs him from behind too. Yeah, hands to the face, etc. etc.

So once Max gets up and realizes no one wants to celebrate with him, he joins the fray. Things got ugly. Rivet gives Ballard an endless supply of noogies and we're all happy campers.

Obviously the Panthers were pretty frustrated, 4 unanswered goals, fighting for their playoff lives, letting Max score on them...but is that warranted? The last time you saw an empty netter, is that how the opposing team reacted?

Was that dirty? Unnecessary? Non-topic? Vance fishing for topics to write about?


jamestobrien said...

That was dirty, but coughing up that league will be the Exhibit A when angry Florida Panthers fans bitch out there team first.

I wouldn't call you a homer or classless, Vance. Just a poopy head.

jamestobrien said...

er, coughing up that lead. Eff it I'm going back to sleep. Jesus I need to get a job.

Denson said...

Dirty yes. Worth it..maybe...I mean who better to take your frustration out on after blowing the lead than on a little bitch like Max.

That's like challenging a kid in a wheelchair to a fight.

Skeeter said...

Secret option C: both dirty and classless.

Benedict said...

That is a great example of one of the three reasons we love hockey.

I know one of them involves beer, but I'm pretty sure that hit is in there also.

Corey said...

Dirty. No question. Also classless, to hit a player after he's scored, but still dirty.

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