Monday, March 30, 2009

Remember That Other Punching Bag Division?

Over the past few years everyone has been picking on two divisions; the Southeast and Central. The SE is still a punching bag.

I know you remember the days, "Only reason Detroit has so many points is because they feast on the Hawks, Blues, BJs, and Preds to beat up on all year." But then Nashville got good...The Hawks got Toews and Kane...Steve Mason and Rick Nash pwn the world...and the Blues and Preds? Who the hell knows what their deal is right now.

But as of right now, the perennial punching bag that is the Central Division, has all 5 teams in the playoffs. The Blues have ridden a 5 game win streak all the way up to 8th and are most definitely playing the best hockey of their season, same can be said about the Preds.

From top to bottom is the Central the best division in hockey right now? [I never thought I'd ever say that.]


James said...

How can you even compare Central with the force of nature that is the Northeast Division??
What with the mighty Maple Leafs, the stunning Senators, the powerful Sabres.... oh wait, this is 2009?

Vance said...

Psch, you forgot your Canadiens.

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