Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rangers Return for Sloppy Seconds

I had to headline it that didn't I?

Well as was expected, the only team that fashion guru Sean Avery was welcome on, the New York Rangers, have picked up Sean, at half off the retail price(!), off the clearance rack.

The other half of Avery's $3.875 million dollar contract (for another 3 years) will be picked up by the Dallas Stars. Each day, while the Stars are forking out money to pay him, they'll rue the day they ever allowed Brett Hull to make any sort of important decision.

Will he play Thursday? Doesn't matter. Only one game matters this month for the Rangers. March 30th. Madison Square Garden. National Broadcast on Versus. Sean Avery and Martin Brodeur.

That is, of course, if Torts doesn't rip his face off first. Just sayin'.

Ugh, I hate Sean Avery.
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