Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Portal: What is it?

Ok folks, the marketing geniuses of the NHL have something new and exciting for you; The Portal. Coming on April 13th, the Portal will be like something we've never seen before? It's like...revolutionary or something? It's...well, I haven't a clue, and neither do you. So heck yeah, we're guessing.

There you have it. Behind those very internet doors is everything I've ever wanted, and everything I could ever want, if I knew that thing that I know I want, even if I don't know that I want it, because it may or may not exist, exists.

Good God. So apparently Gary Bettman doesn't think I know that there are indeed beer waterfalls and endless supplies of leggy blondes who don't care how immature, vulgar, or lazy I am, psch, whatever Gare-bear (my nickname for G dawg {my other nickname for Bettman}).

Now the real question is, what is the Portal? Any guesses?

Update:: The regular season ends April 12th, could it online streaming of non-televised playoff games?!?!?!?

Update:: Or will it just be this...and a total let down...


Denson said...

Obviously it's Sidney Crosby.

Vance said...

I believe that Gary Bettman has indeed invented a device, a portal if you will, akin to the Digital Conveyor (oh yes, Galaxy Quest reference), which will allow every NHL team to play a game in every major city across the globe, thereby spreading hockey's dominance to Madagascar, Myanmar, and the Moon!


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