Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No Rumors are just Rumors Today

Honestly, I'm so utterly tired of hearing all these rumors, damn well knowing that none of them will come to fruition for the Sabres, hell, damn well knowing only like 4 of them will come true for anybody.

Frolov - not coming to the Sabres.
Olli Jokinen - not coming to the Sabres.
Derek Morris - not coming to the Sabres.
Marian Gaborik - not going to the Penguins.
Jonathan Cheechoo - not going to the Penguins.

Just the way this shit goes. We will find out tomorrow what happens.

We'll post all the important, go-to, trade deadline links eventually, but seriously, don't go on Hockeybuzz, unless you enjoy getting a false sense of utter optimism that your fav team is on the brink of a major deal only to be smashed when nothing happens, or worse. I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin.

Quick Update:: Niklas Backstrom has signed a 4 year deal with the Wild, worth $24 million. Off the block, he is.
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