Friday, March 27, 2009

Keith Ballard Earns Retribution

Ballard got kind of hammered yesterday for his bush league play on Max Afinogenov Wednesday night. Well, after last night, he gets one back in my book.

Keith breaks out the long lost art of the hip check and absolutely destroys Scott Hartnell. I am an unabashed Hartnell detractor, and watching him get up and immediately go after Ballard after such a clean, and glorious hit, just reinforces my low opinion of him. Suck it up Hartnell, you tried to make a move that you obviously don't have in your repertoire and got PWND. WTG Ballard, WTG.

Dear sweet Lisa, leave him, we can run away together. I may not have the millions the Flyers overpaid him, but I at least get haircuts and stuff.

(Hat tip to Stevens and the guys at The Program for the video find)
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